Autonomous Vehicles

Artificial Intelligence


VectorAero LLC is a small privately held enterprise created to provide a vehicle for supporting STEM and STEAM related programs in Hawai’i. It is an outgrowth of Mr. Gary Passon engineering, racing and high-tech career. It’s current focus is on Autonomous Vehicle, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, open source, and supporting hands-on collaborative learning opportunities with young people in engineering disciplines.

Our Mission

VectorAero LLC engages with talented people from around the world to bring to Hawai’i a chance for Entrepreneurs, Small business, University and High School students to lead, participate and enjoy to being involved in high tech leading edge engineering opportunities.


The Future

The efforts continue. While slowed materially by the current Covid situation the UH-AVTteam has continued to develop the code for the IAC competition and complete it Round2 and Round 3 requirements as well as continue to develop the evKart for entry in next April Purdue evGrandPrix. VectorAero is also continuing to support the STEM / Robotics efforts at St Anthony School and MEDB Island wide STEM programs for 2020.

St. Anthony School STEM Program

VectorAero, and its principal Mr. Passon, has supported the STEM programs at St Anthony School for over 8 years. The initial training, materials, and class mentor for the Middle and High school robotics programs were all provided by VectorAero. It has also been a sponsor of the MEDB Maui Island School STEM program for years supporting other Middle and High School STEM programs. VA believes that every student should get exposed to STEM at the easiest age so that natural and interested students have a pathway to 21st Century tech jobs and life opportunities.

University of Hawaii Racin' Warriors

Last year VA and Mr Passon designed and introduced a new University course called Autonomous Vehicle Technology in association with the University of Hawaii – Maui College. The course developed and built small scaled autonomous vehicles and then expanded to include modifying a racing evKart to add autonomous vehicle control and operation hardware / software. The UHMC-AVTteam then qualified for the Purdue organized WKA sanctioned evGrandPrix in the Autonomous masters division. By successfully demonstrating the Hawaii team ability to design, engineer and build such a sophisticated vehicle the team applied for and demonstrated it abilities to such a degree it became on of only 30 university teams to be invited into the Indy Autonomous Challenge. To continue its growth the UHMC team has entered into a collaboration arrangement with the UH-Manoa Robotics lab and the engineering department. The Program is now called the UH-Autonomous Vehicle technology Racing Team OR the UH Racin’ Warriors.

Maui Robotic Vehicle Association

Growing and expanding opportunities to provide 21st Century skills and knowledge in areas associated with Robotics and Autonomous Vehicle operations on Maui. The Maui Robotic Vehicle Association is a non-profit entity created to provide a central place for various school and other non-profit / profit entities to come together to share common interests in autonomous vehicles and robotics technologies. This is one of the fastest growing area of future jobs and good incomes. The goal of the MRVA is to grow and expand the opportunities of the community workforce and students to provide 21st Century skills and knowledge and create good local and state-wide jobs in areas associated with Robotics and Autonomous Vehicle operations.

If this sounds interesting to you and maybe you would like to help please reach out to us via our Contact us Page.

We are always looking for Mentors, Companies that wish to help expand the engineering and technical base in Hawaii, as well as Foundations or other funding sources, and for folks that just want to be a part of these kinds of exciting programs.